UCLA GME Monitoring Duty Hours Policy

To strengthen institutional compliance practices with duty hour requirements, the following procedures have been implemented.

  1. All training programs are required to monitor their residents' duty hours on each rotation.
  2. The Program Director shall review the residents hours no less than quarterly. It is the responsibility of the Program Director to ensure compliance with duty hour requirements.
  3. Resident duty hours must be logged on all rotations where compliance is a potential concern. The GMEC may mandate that residents log duty hours on specific rotations if concerns arise.
  4. The Program Director shall provide a written report annually to the GMEC with the following components:
    • confirm the adequacy of resident compliance with logging duty hours
    • identify all areas of non-compliance
    • provide action plan for non-compliant areas
    • report on implementation of corrective action and results achieved on previously identified areas of non-compliance 
      The institution shall collate this information and make it available to Program Directors on an as-needed basis to facilitate remediation on any areas of non-compliance.
  5. The GME Office will review the Program Director's annual report and the results of the ACGME online survey for duty hours. Written Program Director response on any noncompliant items will be required. The survey and the Program Director response will be reviewed at GMEC meetings and action will be mandated as appropriate.


Approved by GMEC: 9/12/06