UCLA GME New Program Director Appointments Policy

The appointment of Program Directors for the ACGME accredited residencies and fellowships at UCLA have always rested with the department chairs. In compliance with ACGME policy, the GMEC must now review and approve, prior to submission to the ACGME, appointment of new program directors. At the same time, it is imperative that departments continue to select and support their residency and fellowship program directors. To comply with the requirement and meet the needs of the departments and their training programs, the GMEC has developed the following protocol for new program director appointments.


A letter of recommendation for a new program director must be submitted to the Designated Institutional Official (DIO) along with a copy of their Curriculum Vitae and summative evaluations. This recommendation will then be sent to the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) for approval. After approval from the GMEC, the Program Director is notified by the DIO that the change in Program Director information must now be submitted to the ACGME via WebADS for consideration by the specialty-specific RRC. New Program Director appointment is not final until the ACGME notifies the program that the appointment has been approved by the RRC.

New Program Director Appointment Letter

Letters should include the following: 

  • Prior to selecting a candidate, the Department Chair should review the current RRC requirements for appointment of a Program Director, including FTE requirements for protected time, salary and Program Coordinator support.
  • There must be a single Program Director with authority and accountability for the operation of the program.
  • Name, current position, qualifications and current board certification status of candidate. Qualifications should include requisite specialty expertise and documented educational and administrative experience acceptable to the Review Committee. Current medical licensure and applicable medical staff appointment should be noted.
  • Brief statement of rationale for appointment of the individual and indication of the intended duration of the appointment keeping in mind the ACGME Common Program Requirements (CPR II.A.1.c)
  • Clear statement of the expected duties of the Program Director including a statement of responsibilities for supervision of trainees at all program participating sites.
  • Clear statement of the support (time allotment and % of salary [University “X”]) that will be provided the Program Director.
  • Clear statement of the candidates will maintain board certification should be included in the letter.
  • Clear statement that the Program Director will be expected to comply with the program requirements of the ACGME and those of the specialty’s RRC.
  • Request for documents:



Approved by the GMEC: 12/18/06

Revision Date: 11/10/2022