UCLA GME Resident Complement Increase Policy


  1. Complete the Complement Increase Request Form and the Funding Documentation Template. Submit both forms to the GME Director for review by the Enrollment Committee. All forms must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the scheduled committee meeting in order to be considered for review. Please contact the GME office for the date of the next Enrollment Committee meeting.

  2. The UCLA Enrollment Committee reviews the overall rationale and financing/resources of the request. If approved by the committee, the request and supporting documentation is presented at the following GMEC meeting.

  3. The UCLA GMEC assesses the educational content, impact and objectives of the request. If approved by the GMEC, applicants will be notified.

  4. Programs may submit a request for the new program to the ACGME.


Requests to specific ACGME / RRC's must not be made until after approval by the Enrollment Committee and the GMEC. No residents or fellows should be hired or made promises for positions until there has been approval by each group noted above.