Sleep quarters are to be safe, comfortable and private (one person per room). Lavatory and shower facilities must be in close proximity to the sleep rooms. All house staff, faculty and medical students needing overnight sleep rooms are eligible to use the on call rooms located in either the main Resident Quarters on the B level or the on call rooms located on the floors throughout the hospital. The GME House Staff Office is responsible for the management of room allocations, in consultation with Hospital Administration. Utilization of beds will be reviewed at least annually, and re-assignments made as necessary.


Eligibility/Priority Order for Sleep Rooms:

  • House staff scheduled overnight call
  • Faculty required in-house overnight call
  • House staff likely to stay in-house
  • Medical students on Sub-internships
  • Faculty likely to stay in-house
  • House staff who might be called back to the hospital and are unable to return home
  • Medical students on inpatient rotations
  • Faculty who might be called back to the hospital and are unable to return home
  • House staff or faculty who are post call and require a nap before going home

Ineligible for Rooms but In-House Overnight:

  • Physicians and others doing overnight call but on shift rotations are ineligible for sleep quarters (i.e. Emergency Medicine physicians, Nurse Practitioners, etc.)


  • Centralized Resident Quarters on B Level (40 private rooms)
  • Blocks of rooms to be allocated by service based on scheduled in-house call.


Allocated beds are assigned on a scheduled basis by service according to the on call schedule.

Daytime Use:

Rooms that are designated as hotelier are available from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. for rest or naps for house staff and others who have been on call overnight.

Allocation of Sleep Rooms Outside of Main Resident Quarters:

  • There must be a critical, time-sensitive need for close proximity to the patient related to patient acuity and management, OR
  • There is a requirement by an accreditation body for juxtaposition of sleep quarters to the patient unit
  • Clinical services which require on call rooms to be located in close proximity to specific patient care areas may be assigned sleep rooms either on a floor above or below the patient care area, if necessary.