UCLA GME Work Conditions Policy

Sleep and rest, eating, bathroom, and shower facilities that provide privacy, security, sound proofing, quiet, good ventilation, and convenient telephones are provided.

Ancillary support services that provide, in as far as possible; 24-hour phlebotomy and IV services; 24-hour access to medical records, and to radiology, laboratory, and other diagnostic services; and access to transport, escort, and ward secretarial services are available.

The laboratory and radiologic information retrieval system is online 24 hours/day. The medical records system that documents the course of each patient's illness and care is available 24 hours/day online and from the File Room.

Security and personal safety measures are provided to residents in all locations, including parking facilities, hospital and institutional grounds.

The UCLA Graduate Medical Education Committee has been designated as the authoritative body to review concerns related to work conditions, as well as issues related to the program and/or faculty. Residents who have concerns about their work conditions, program or faculty, should address their Program Director and/or Chair. If problems or concerns are not resolved at this level, these should be brought to the attention of the GMEC or Resident Action Committee, a subcommittee of the GMEC for review and recommendations. The GMEC is then charged with the resolution or the concern or issue.