Two people during a therapy session

The Affective Treatment Study is designed to examine whether individuals with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress who do not respond to one type of treatment may benefit from switching to another. This treatment teaches strategies and skills that have been demonstrated to be effective for these problem areas, including focusing on increasing on positive coping and life strategies, as well as switching to a treatment that focuses on decreasing negative emotions for those who do not respond to the first treatment.
Individuals who seeking treatment for anxiety, depression, and stress, are eligible for the study if they are between the ages of 18 to 65, are English speaking, are not currently suffering from major medical conditions, and are un-medicated. There will be a 2-week baseline period without treatment before treatment begins. Treatment is conducted one on one, over 8 - 13 therapy sessions over Zoom. Remote assessments consisting of surveys and interviews will be conducted before the baseline period, before treatment begins, midway through treatment, and after treatment ends. There are no fees for any of the assessments or treatment. In addition, participants are offered $25 for each assessment. 
To participate, email for more information to express interest in participating.