Cardiac MRI

The Cardiovascular Imaging Research Lab at UCLA is recruiting HEALTHY WOMEN VOLUNTEERS for our study “Ferumoxytol-Enhanced Cardiac MRI for Ischemic Heart Disease”. 
The purpose of this study is to test an imaging tool that can detect the blood supply to the heart muscle tissue without requiring radiation. The tool uses intravenous iron (which is required for many vital biologic processes in the body) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
You may be eligible if you are:

  • Female
  • 18 years or older
  • Not pregnant
  • No claustrophobia (fear of tight spaces)
  • No allergies to intravenous iron
  • No history of cardiovascular illness

Participation involves:

  • All study participants will take part in a ferumoxytol cardiac stress MRI exam.


  • You will receive a $150 gift card for study completion.
  • Free parking will be provided.

For more information, please email our lab at or call us at 310-478-3711 Ext. 43644.
** If you choose to contact us by email, please do not include any sensitive information in your email because the confidentiality of emails cannot be guaranteed.
This study is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.
Principal Investigator: Kim-Lien Nguyen, MD.
Contact email: