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Faculty in the Department of Physiology mentor approximately 20 postdoctoral schoalrs per year. Postdoctoral scholars come to us from all over the world and possess a PhD, MD, DVM, or a combination of more than one advanced degree.

Campus Postdoctoral Services

As members of the UCLA community, postdocs have access to a world-class university and its resource network.

Medical and Dental Education

The Department of Physiology plays an active role in several blocks of courses taught during the first and second years of the medical curriculum and the first year of the dental curriculum. Physiology faculty serve as both leadership and instructors in the medical and dental school courses. Get more information about medical and dental student education: 


Questions about Education in the Department of Physiology can be directed to the Vice Chair of Instruction, Dr. Nancy Wayne email: nwayne@mednet.ucla.edu.