Clerkships & Continued Learning

Educational experiences integrated with continued learning in science and many new and emerging topics.

MS2 Clerkships Schematic

Heals curriculum year two timeline

The second year continues learning in four concurrent first year courses. Students begin Intersessions and eight required clerkships.

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Eight Core Clerkships Providing Foundational Knowledge & Experiences

Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Surgery

Clerkship Duration Clerkship Chairs
Emergency Medicine 4 weeks Max Berger, MD & Stephen Villa, MD
Family Medicine 4 Weeks Emily Miller, MD & Olivia Ishibashi, MD
Medicine 8 Weeks Tyler Larsen, MD & Mark Munekata, MD
Neurology 4 Weeks Cara Siegel, MD
OB-GYN 4 Weeks Aparna Sridhar, MD, MPH
Pediatrics 4 Weeks Amanda Kosack, MD & Deborah Lehman, MD
Psychiatry 4 Weeks Brandon Ito, MD, MPH
Surgery 8 Weeks Ian MacQueen, MD & Justin Wagner, MD, FAAP

Diverse Clerkship Training Sites

A rich network of educational experiences at affiliate hospitals, community clinics, and practices all over Southern California.


Required Clerkship Objectives
Discover our specific course objectives. Guided by national standards and crafted by our expert faculty.
Required Clinical Experiences
Experiences required for each clerkship experiences
Resources at Clinical Sites
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Intersessions are the mandatory curricular time that covers longitudinal elements of the curriculum, is designed so that students do not miss any clerkship duties. The week-long intensive activities are designed for integration of knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired in clerkships, reflection on how clinical experiences inform future practice and identifying areas of interest for future research and/or advocacy.

Intersessions Course Director: Antonio Pessegueiro, MD

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