Student Leadership

  • AAMC OSR Representatives: Alexander Pham (MS4), Stephanie Pintas (MS3), Chelsea Pan (MS2), Joanne Newens (MS1)
  • Charles R. Drew/UCLA Medical Education Program Representatives: Kelechi Okpara
  • PRIME Representative: Abhinaya Narayanan
  • MSTP MSC Representative: Amanda Creech
  • MSTP MEC Representative: Cody Aros

  • President: Nonye Ikeanyi
  • Vice President: Ami Hayashi
  • Medical Student Council Representative: Abhishek Sharma
  • Treasurer: Eric Zhang
  • Secretary: Christina Le
  • Graduate Student Association Representatives: Kevin Chen, Rose Paneno
  • Medical Education Committee Representatives: Preeti Kakani, Lauren Rosas
  • Alumni Affairs Representative: Meghan Reddy
  • Equity and Diversity Inclusion (EDI) Representatives: Aishwarya Karlapudi, Daniel Carrera, Karla Prodigue
  • Professionalism Council Representatives: Nancy Quintanilla, Vananh Tran
  • Well-Being Committee Representatives: Angie Bi, Shreya Mathur, Savannah Starr
  • Social Activities Committee Representatives: Hannah Chung, Zoe Geannopolous, Benjamin Lee, Michelle Shu, Vinay Srinivasan, Arturo Torres

  • President: Jade Cook
  • Vice President: Santiago Gudiño-Rosales
  • Medical Student Council Representative: Clara Nguyen
  • Treasurer: Bennett Shaw
  • Secretary: Candace Wang
  • Graduate Student Association Representatives.: Nicholas Hamilton, Harika Kottakota
  • Medical Education Committee Representatives: Matthew Rios, Abhinav Suri
  • Alumni Affairs Representatives: Gianna Radeljic
  • Equity and Diversity Inclusion (EDI) Representatives: Michael Freddy, Alberto Juarez, Bryan Sanchez
  • Professionalism Council Representatives: Jonathan Attalla, Anthony Nguyen
  • Well-Being Committee Representatives: Maggie Hui, Michaela Juels, Yifan Mao, Shannon Richardson
  • Social Activities Committee Representatives: Luigi Varilla

  • President: Rohini Nott
  • Vice President: Alan Li
  • Medical Student Council Representatives: Elijah Bingham
  • Treasurer: Sarah Park
  • Secretary: Mary Lee
  • Graduate Student Association Representatives: Durga Ganesh, Persiana Saffari
  • Medical Education Committee Representatives: Guneet Kaur, Humza Zubair
  • Alumni Affairs Representatives: Durga Ghosh, Dong Ho Shin
  • Equity and Diversity Inclusion (EDI) Representatives: Baba Adejuyigbe, Lizeth Carillo, Samuel Hulbert
  • Professionalism Council Representatives: Sarah Pena Carmona, Karla Murillo
  • Well-Being Committee Representatives: Juhee Agrawal, Callie Cuff, Clare Moffatt, Maximiliano Abundez Toledo
  • Social Activities Committee Representatives: Opemipo Akerele, Bryce Bentley, Vera Khurshudyan, Kajol Maheshwari, Emily Martey, Alassane Mballo, Sarah Mirzaie, Ashley Villa, Ashley Washington

About the Medical Student Council

As members of the Medical Student Council, we will strive to positively influence student life through advocacy, policy, open communication, and leadership. 

A DGSOM community with a unified education enterprise, transparent and effective communication between students and administration, and strong student leaders.

  • Foster student and administration leadership that resonates through the years 
  • Ease transition for new members of the DGSOM community
  • Encourage, facilitate and demonstrate mentorship
  • Support and cultivate ideas and initiatives; encourage innovation 
  • Lead transparent and effective communication between the student body and administration 
  • Identify and address the needs and concerns of the DGSOM community.
  • Serve as the unified voice of the student body from all DGSOM programs (Geffen, Drew, Prime, MSTP)

Class Officer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Represents the class at meetings with the Dean, Faculty Executive Committee, and Medical Student Council (1-2 hours/month)
  • Voting member on MSC (2 hours/month)
  • Oversees class MSC
  • Facilitates communication between class and administration
  • Time Commitment: ~6-10 hours/week
  • Biggest Responsibilities
    • Ceremony of Thanks 
    • Facilitate monthly MS1 MSC meetings

  • Voting member on The MSC
  • Voting member on The MSC Budget Committee
  • Attends meetings/functions on behalf of the President when needed 
  • Facilitates monthly class MSC meetings
  • Time Commitment: ~5-8 hours/week
  • Biggest Responsibility: Talent Show

  • Takes minutes at meetings
  • Maintains all non-financial records
  • MS1 Secretary is responsible for updating the student calendar in the main hallway
  • Reserve and organize class MSC meetings
  • Time Commitment: ~2-3 hours/week
  • Biggest Responsibility: Operation Matriculation

  • Represents class at all meetings for the GSA
  • Time Commitment: ~1-2 hours/week (exception: large time commitment week of Grad Games (usually early block 4)
  • Biggest Responsibilities
    • UCLA Grad Games Coordinators 
    • Class T-Shirt design and sale

  • Attends monthly meetings of MEC and subcommittees
  • Serves on the Human Biology and Disease Committee
  • Provides feedback to faculty and administration
  • Responds to students’ questions, suggestions, and complaints
  • Run block feedback groups
  • Time Commitment: ~3-5 hours/week
  • Biggest Responsibilities
    • Attend MEC & HBD Meetings
    • Lead Block Feedback groups  

  • Attends meetings of the MAA
  • Assists with miscellaneous events sponsored by the MAA
  • Publicizes events and services of MAA
  • Time Commitment: ~1-3 hours/week
  • Biggest Responsibility: MAA Career Conference

  • The Professionalism Council acts as an advisory board to the Dean of Student Affairs and MSC Make recommendations regarding issues of professionalism and the Honor Code
  • Time Commitment: ~1-4 hours/week
  • Biggest Responsibilities:
    • Attending monthly Professionalism Council meetings and MSC meeting
    • Planning and hosting the Ethics symposium
    • Responding to reports of unprofessionalism from the class
    • Gauging the climate of DGSOM via town halls, surveys, etc

  • Attends quarterly meetings
  • Initiates all school activities that promote well-being
  • Coordinate and budget class well-being activities
  • Manage a budget of $3000
  • Time Commitment: ~1-2 hours/week
  • Biggest Responsibilities:
    • All-School Ice Skating
    • All-School Beach Day

Get Involved 

  • Orientation (August)
  • Med Games (October)
  • Ethics Symposium (November/April)
  • All-School Formal (January)
  • Talent Show (March)
  • Revisit Weekend (April)
  • Grad Games (May)
  • Ceremony of Thanks (May)
  • Commencement Ceremony (June)
  • Recruitment activities – calling 1st years
  • Student panels
  • Class Socials 
  • Well-Being Events

Attendees: Meetings are open to all students 

When: Meets monthly, second Tuesday of the month

Topics of Discussion:

  • Committee reports
  • Student initiatives
  • Administrative issues
  • Other time sensitive matters


  • MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4 President
  • MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4 Vice President
  • MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4 MSC Rep 

Budget Committee: Manages a $25,000 budget for student initiatives. Meets monthly to review proposals.

When: Meets monthly to review proposals (first Tuesday of every month)


  • MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4 Vice President
  • MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4 Treasurer 
  • Manages a $25,000 budget for student initiatives

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