Assistant Deans for Student Affairs

Every student at DGSOM belongs to one of our four societies: Utilis, Caritas, Levamentum, or Accendo. Each Society is led by an Assistant Dean for Student Affairs who is your go-to person for individualized guidance and support from your very first day of medical school until you graduate.

The Assistant Deans have a broad supportive role in student affairs, and serve as the primary contact for students in the following areas:

  • Longitudinal advising from pre-orientation to graduation.
  • Networking and connecting students with resources for enrichment opportunities.
  • Providing resources and support during times of personal, academic, or professional adversity.
  • Assisting the Associate Dean for Student Affairs with the preparation of the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) for residency applications.
Assistant Dean Society
Iljie K. Fitzgerald, MD, MS Societas Utilis
Chandra Smart, MD Societas Caritas
Deborah Lehman, MD Societas Levamentum
Holly Middlekauff, MD Societas Accendo

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Deans for Student Affairs

Scheduling and Support
Roberta Rey, PhD

“There’s a warm sense of camaraderie and community building within each class and across student classes within each society with wonderful opportunities for peer mentorship.”

Clare Moffatt, Medical Student