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 Nelson F. SooHoo, MD

Nelson F. SooHoo, MD

DIO Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, David Geffen School of Medicine

Dr. Areti Tillou Headshot Photo

Areti Tillou, MD
Assistant DIO


Dr. Lovelee Brown Headshot Photo

Lovelee Brown, MD
Assistant DIO 



Dr. Judi Turner Headshot Photo

Judi Turner, MD, PhD
Assistant DIO


GME Staff

Lisa Payne Headshot Photo

Lisa L. Payne
Director, Graduate Medical Education, David Geffen School of Medicine


Marie Hugley Headshot Photo

Marie Hugley
Assistant Director
Institutional Housestaff Coordinator

Kimberly Perez Headshot Photo

Kimberly Perez
Institutional Housestaff Coordinator


Claudia Rodriguez Headshot Photo

Claudia Rodriguez
Housestaff Analyst

Suna Hakim Headshot Photo

Suna Hakim
GME Finance Analyst


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GME Analyst

Samantha Nelson Headshot Photo

Samantha Nelson
GME Data Manager


Cindy Wong Headshot Photo

Cindy Wong
Housestaff Administrative Assistant


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