Revolutionizing Combined Molecular and Structural Imaging Freek Beekman Headshot
Hosted by: Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC)

Revolutionizing Combined Molecular & Structural Imaging: Development and application of a Versatile Multimodal Platform for Theranostic and Multiplexed Optical, Nuclear, and Anatomical Imaging

CMINT Seminar Series

Speaker: Dr. Freek Beekman


In the realm of life sciences, the long-held aspiration for a three-dimensional magnifying glass capable of unveiling a spectrum of tissue functions and structures in a single comprehensive scan has driven innovation in imaging technology. This pursuit has culminated in the creation of a groundbreaking preclinical imaging platform with the capacity to map intricate dynamics of contrast agents, tracers, radiopharmaceuticals, receptors, and therapy response indicators within organs and tumors. Our endeavor has resulted in the development of an intuitively navigable, fully integrated modular PET-SPECT-Optical-CT imaging platform, honoured with e.g. the prestigious WMIC Innovation of the Year award.

The platform's pivotal features encompass:

1.           Ultra-high Precision: Achieving an astounding 0.12 mm SPECT and 0.6 mm PET resolution, the PET component boasts the unique ability to mitigate positron-range effects. Furthermore, it enables concurrent sub-millimeter multi-tracer PET-PET and PET-SPECT imaging. This innovation extends to encompass sub-second dynamic nuclear imaging, with proprietary high-energy SPECT technology empowering sub-mm resolution imaging of alpha (α) and beta (β) emitters such as 223Ra, 213Bi, 131I, 209At, and 225Ac.

2.           High Structural Clarity: The platform integrates an ultra-high-resolution X-ray CT component that not only excels in capturing minute details but also operates at remarkably low radiation doses, underscoring its commitment to safety.

3.           Fluorescence/Bioluminescence Mastery: Delivering on the demand for high-throughput imaging, the platform also encompasses comprehensive fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging capabilities, further enriched by quantitative optical tomography.

Our visionary platform is ingeniously designed to facilitate the seamless fusion of various modalities, allowing for an array of customized imaging combinations. During this presentation, we will unravel the adaptive nature and versatility of this molecular and structural imaging marvel. Alongside this exploration, we will delve into the manifold scientific and industrial applications that stand to be revolutionized by this pioneering advancement.


Prof. Freek Beekman leads the Biomedical Imaging section at Delft University of Technology. He has (co-)authored numerous scientific papers and is inventor of > 20 life patent families. He has received multiple awards in acknowledgment of his innovations.

His research spans diverse interests, including detector advancement, PET/SPECT/X-ray CT image reconstruction, hybrid imaging, and AI. He's an associate editor for esteemed journals like Biomedical Engineering and IEEE TMI.

In 2006, he founded MILabs, a pioneering company developing high-performance imaging systems. As MILabs' CEO/CSO  from 2006 to 2021, he orchestrated its successful acquisition by Rigaku in Japan.

Today, systems developed by Prof. Beekman and his collaborative teams at TU Delft and MILabs are vital in global biomedical research institutions, propelling discoveries, tracer development, and pharmaceutical progress.