Enroll in Redtape

Step 3

Enroll a New Coat or Scrub Piece via the Retape Process

A. Fill out one yellow repair tag (shown below) per coat or scrub piece. Include PI Name, Department, and Department Code. The Laundry Location will already be filled out on the repair tag.

B. Attach a repair tag to each coat or scrub piece. One tag per coat is necessary. The barcode will be encoded with whatever information is on the repair tag.

C. Log in your Coats — CHS and Jules Stein can use the web-based log sheet.

If you are using the Paper log sheet:

Use one line per garment. At enrollment, include as much identifying information as possible about your coat, including color, description of embroidery, UC 6 digit ID number, unique attributes, etc.

D. Photograph your coats and/or the log sheet for your personal records.

E. Deposit garment(s) into Retapes Bin.

F. The vendor visits each Thursday. New Enrollments (Retapes) take two weeks to return, and will have a new Mission Linen Barcode Label (shown below). Take note of the barcode number (750xxxxxxxxx) and keep it for your records. Follow directions at your chosen location for pickup details.

G. After initial enrollment and barcoding, follow the Soil Bin Process (Step 4) to launder garments.

Yellow repair tag for the laundry enrollment process

A. Yellow repair tag to fill out per coat or scrub

Mission Linen Barcode Label

F. Mission linen barcode label that new enrollments will have