Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)

We believe access to education and healthcare is a human right. This core belief guides our approach to educating the next generation of scientists, physicians, and physician-scientists.

JEDI Mission

Our mission is to promote a culture of inclusion, and build and sustain a diverse community of students, trainees, staff, and faculty within our department. We cherish our diversity and strive to ensure that all members of our community can thrive.

A Culture of Caring and Community

Our community is made up of talented leaders who care deeply and work to impact the world for good. We have a collective commitment to combat structural racism. That commitment spans healthcare, education, and our society at large.

Focus Areas

We strive to improve justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in our department, with a focus on the following areas:


We strive to increase diversity in Physiology by recruiting faculty, trainees and staff from diverse backgrounds while retaining members from underrepresented groups.


We aim to build a community of students, faculty and researchers that is inclusive, and supportive, and that creates a sense of belonging and pride.


We strive to decrease disparities resulting from current policies, procedures, and unwritten practices in the department.


We aim to assess the goals, needs, and wants of department members and ensure that educational and professional development resources are available to all.


We are working to identify points of collaboration across DGSOM (grants, community college, high school outreach). We plan to coordinate our efforts and meaningfully grow our programs by including more members of the community.

Committee Members

  • Laura DeNardo, PhD (Assistant Professor)
  • Sonal Srikanth, PhD (Adjunct Associate Professor)
  • Daniel Gray, PhD (Postdoc)
  • Sara Blagburn Blanco (MSTP / NSIDP)