Do What's Right. Make Things Better. Be Kind. 

The Cultural North Star is a school-wide initiative that embodies who we are and why we're here. 

As the youngest top-10 medical school in the nation, we are a groundbreaking community of problem solvers, caregivers, innovators, and lifelong learners with a noble mission—to heal humankind by delivering leading-edge research, education, patient care, and community engagement. 

Culture north star

What is the DGSOM Cultural North Star?

Values that unite us 

We believe that a strong organizational culture is critical to our ability to achieve our mission and vital to our well-being and cohesion as a community. The Cultural North Star helps us build and maintain an inclusive, mission-driven culture by mapping our decisions, actions, and interactions to a shared framework.

Do What’s Right 

Do what's right
  • We are united by our shared mission of advancing science and medicine
  • We work together to eliminate inequity
  • We are grounded in ethics and data
  • We balance the short and long term effects of our actions

Make Things Better

Cultural North Star Yellow Star


  • We come to work to make an impact
  • We are constantly curious
  • We seek out diverse voices
  • We embrace failures as opportunities to learn

Be Kind

Cultural North Star Blue Star


  • We are strongest when we show empathy
  • We have the courage to be honest
  • We listen to understand
  • We engage in dialogue even when we disagree
Cultural North Star Day celebrations in Switzer Plaza


Building a strong organizational culture takes more than message points. It takes an active effort, every day, from every member of our organization.

Shared Commitment
DGSOM community members engaging in conversation


We are working to build a community around our values. Participate in skill-building workshops and other events that bring colleagues together.

Faculty and Staff group


We all know those people who go above and beyond — who see a challenge as an opportunity, who remain kind and collaborative in the face of conflict, who exemplify...

Recognize Someone
Cheng Ramirez goes the extra mile for the clinic, staff and patients. She is approachable and looks for ways to hep if there is ever a challenge.
Kim Perez has been a rock star with all aspects of the GME Orientation. Even with the issues that can come up, she learned from them and is already working to make things better for next year.
CNS Nonoguchi Recognition Quote

Contact Us

We welcome all feedback, questions and ideas! 

Cultural North Star Lead

Natalie Perry, PhD