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The Behavioral Wellness Center is committed to practicing in a way that recognizes how racial, political, cultural, and spiritual processes operate on implicit, explicit, institutional, and individual levels to impact minority populations and populations of color, and LGBTQ communities' experiences. We recognize the pain, loss, and trauma that continues to be experienced by Black, Indigenous People, and People of Color within our community, across the country, and throughout the world. We have given considerable thought to the political-economic roots of systemic racism, violence, and racial trauma and its perverse impact on physical health and emotional well-being of affected communities.



We recognize that racism is sustained by both social and political structures that are grounded in sixteenth century slavery and imperialism. It is maintained through the rules, processes, and opportunity structures that are embedded within the fabric of our society. Today, as worldwide protests demand racial and social justice, the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced light on trauma, violence, xenophobia, healthcare inequities and the dehumanization of marginalized groups. We acknowledge that these collective and individual experiences have the potential to compound feelings of anger, sadness, worry, helplessness, numbness, and grief - all of which are valid. It is important to acknowledge your feelings, take care of yourself, and maintain connection with affirming supports in your life. Please know that we see you and we are here for you.

DGSOM Cultural Affinity Groups

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team at the Behavioral Wellness Center is passionate about connecting with student-led organizations and cultural affinity groups at DGSOM. DEI at BWC collaborates with student organizations, by request, for tabling events, specifically tailored workshops, and an overview of services.

To find out more about DEI affiliated student organizations at DGSOM, click here

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