UCOP Guidelines on UC/Affiliation Appointments

Academic appointees who hold joint compensated appointments with UC and an affiliated institution may not have a combined appointment effort greater than 150%.

UCOP wants to assure an adequate set of benefits for academic appointees with appointments split between the campuses and affiliated institutions, and a combined 150% appointment will provide for adequate benefit coverage. It is understood that, for example, the VA requires a 5/8 appointment to serve as Division Chief and/or to be considered PI on certain VA administered grants. Such circumstances mandate that the UC appointment effort be reduced so that the combined appointment is in compliance with this guideline. If and when the VA effort decreases, the UC effort may increase proportionately.

In order to maintain the earnings for faculty who participate in the University of California Health Sciences Compensation Plan, the additional compensation (Y) component may be increased to make up for the income lost on the base (X), but retirement service credit may not be accrued in two retirement programs that totals more than 150%.