Committed to serving the greater Los Angeles community.

The Community Engagement Program delivers support for community-based research, service-learning, service delivery, education and workforce development projects to strengthen and advance our work in the community.

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Support the community
Together, we can make a difference. Support our service learning, delivery, and outreach projects to further our collective work to provide relief, recovery, support and education in our community.
UCLA Allied Healthcare Careers
High school to career pipeline program to increase diversity and equity in the healthcare workforce. Program provides education, mentorship, and scholarships to underrepresented students interested in careers in allied health.
Career Opportunities
It takes a village of exceptionally gifted, passionate, and diverse individuals to make our world-class, award-winning care possible. Join us in serving the community and elevating care and your career.
Participate and volunteer
UCLA supports a variety of volunteer opportunities, service learning projects, and pipeline programs. Opportunities to engage with our community is open to everyone, including students, faculty and staff.

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