Activity Budget/Rate Approval                              

Departments who provide services through fee-for-service agreements are required to track this activity separately from other activities. The Dean's Office is delegated to approve establishment or revision of a Sales & Service unit within the DGSOM. The DGSOM Controller's Office is responsible for reviewing and approving all revisions to budgets/rates and the establishment of a new Sales & Service unit.

The revision interval requirement to an existing budget/rates is determined based on the campus review of risk factors associated with these activities. The Dean's Office has worked with campus to develop a process that requires all units to submit applications to the DGSOM Controller's Office for review prior to forwarding any requests to campus with support of the proposed budget/rates.


New Service Units

Departments requesting to establish a new service unit should submit an inquiry to the contact listed below prior to following the procedures outlined in DGSOM Policy 4.01: Sales and Service Activities – Establishment and Rate Revision Procedures. New activities require additional justification and review of overlapping services and the business need for establishing the activity prior to proposal of a budget and rates. 

Budget/Rate Revision

The DGSOM sales and service activities must comply UCLA Policy requirements. The DGSOM Controller's Office has set forth procedures which all departments  must follow when submitting applications for mandatory rate revisions. These policies and procedures can be found using the links provided below. Please allow sufficient time for comprehensive review by the Dean's Office.


Please contact DO Sales & Service,, for questions regarding these topics.