Conference Funds                          

Conference funds fall under "Other Sales Activity" and are governed under UCLA Policy 340: Sales and Service Activities. The DGSOM Controller's Office is responsible for reviewing and approving the establishment of a new department conference fund budget/rates. 



The DGSOM Controller's Office is delegated the authority to review and approve all requests to establish a department conference fund budget/rates. Departments must submit applications using the Dean's Office S&S Application intake portal. 

Financial Review

Conference funds are required to be self reviewed at regular intervals of a minimum of every 2 years and departments should maintain sufficient documentation of rate adjustments to ensure compliance with UCLA policy.

Federal Funding

Conferences that are federally funded are governed under the authority of Business Finance Solutions (BFS) and are required to submit a revision to the DGSOM Controller's Office at an interval defined by the BFS.


Please contact the Controller's team,, for questions regarding these topics.