Medical Student Performance Evaluation Policy


The Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) is a written transcript of the student’s performance in medical school and is a required component of the residency application. DGSOM prepares MSPEs for all students in their final year of medical school regardless of the student’s residency application plans. MSPEs are prepared in accordance with the AAMC’s guidelines and are released nationwide on a date determined by AAMC and the Electronic Residency Application Service (typically October 1).

The Format of the MSPE Includes

  • Noteworthy Characteristics
    A brief description of up to three achievements, activities, or other personal information. The student selects which characteristics are included in this section in conjunction with Deans of Student Affairs.
  • Academic History 
    Information on matriculation and expected graduation dates, and if applicable, any extensions in educational program, leaves of absence, required make-up work or medical school/university adverse actions.
  • Academic Progress
    • Summary of professional performance
    • Summary of pre-clerkship academic performance
    • Core clerkship academic performance including summary evaluation comments from all  MS3 core clerkships
    • Elective rotation academic performance including summary evaluation comments from all MS4 electives completed by the submission deadline based on the nationwide release date of the MSPE.
    • All summary evaluation comments are edited for grammar in the MSPE, but not for content. Requests for revisions to summary comments must be made to the Course Chair who completed the evaluation within two weeks of the date when the evaluation was released.
  • Summary
    A comparative summative assessment of the student’s performance on the clinical clerkships (when possible).
  • Medical School Information
    An appendix that lists information about the DGSOM and composition of the MSPE.

MSPE Sign-Off

All students are required to review their MSPE and correct factual or grammatical errors before it is finalized and sent to residency programs.

MSPE Addendums

At the discretion of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, an addendum may be added to an MSPE to include additional information as required by the NRMP Match Participation Agreements. An addendum becomes a permanent part of the MSPE.

MSPE Author

The MSPE at DGSOM is co-signed by the Vice Dean for Education and the Associate Dean(s) for Student Affairs.

In the event that you wish to have a different dean write your MSPE or Noteworthy Characteristics, please communicate directly with the Residency Application Counselor in the Student Affairs Office.

Approved by Clarence H. Braddock, III, M.D., MPH, MACP, Vice Dean for Education, July 2020