1. Rescheduling Pre-clerkship Course Exams 

    Requests to reschedule an exam must be submitted using the applicable exam reschedule form. Reschedule dates are pre-established, and the date option(s) for taking the exam will be provided once the exemption has been made. 
    • (1a) Urgent Request 
      Contact an Assistant or Associate Dean for Student Affairs as well as the Curricular Affairs Office as soon as possible prior to the start of the examination. Please include your name and reason for your request. 
      1. (1a.1) Submit an exam reschedule form as soon as possible to the Curricular Affairs Office and Student Affairs Office. 
      2. (1a.2) All exam reschedules must be accompanied by an exam reschedule form for the original exam date. Exam reschedule forms can be found in Gryphon or in MyCourses notices.
    • (1b) Non-Urgent Request 
      Submit an exam reschedule form at least 2 weeks prior to the regularly scheduled exam date. The reasons for the request must be indicated and supporting documentation may be requested prior to approval. Approval is not assured until an Associate Dean or their designee has signed the form. 
      1. (1b.1) All exam reschedules must be accompanied by an excused absence form for the original exam date. 
  2. Approved Request to Reschedule Course Exam 

    • (2a) The Curricular Affairs Office will notify course chairs and proctors upon approval. 
    • (2b) The student is prohibited from viewing the answer key or discussing the exam or its contents with other students or faculty
    • (2c) It is the student’s responsibility to be certain the rescheduled exam time does not conflict with any of their educational responsibilities. 
    • (2d) Rescheduled exam dates, times, and locations are established by the Medical School and will not be modified to suit individual student needs. 
    • (2e) The student is expected to take the exam on the specified rescheduled exam date. Failure to do so will result in a zero score for the exam unless prior approval is obtained from the Curricular Affairs Office and Student Affairs Office. 
  3. Clinical Course Test Release Policy from Clinical Service 

    • (3a) This policy applies to all students taking Clerkship course assessments including NBME exams. Students will be released from all clinical obligations as follows: 
      1. (3a.1) Students across all sites will be given the Thursday before the exam off. 
      2. (3a.2) For Friday exams, students can be scheduled to take call until 10:00pm on Wednesday night. 
      3. (3a.3) For Thursday exams, students can be scheduled to take call until 10:00pm on Tuesday night. 
  4. Documented Disabilities and Exam Accommodations 

    • (4a) In advance of the assigned exam date, students with disabilities requiring exam accommodations must complete the registration process with the DGSOM Director of Disability Services, Grace Clifford, and receive temporary or full approval

      1. (4a.1) Accommodations should be requested as soon as possible. It may take up to two weeks to complete the exam accommodation application review process, including intake with DGSOM Disability Services. Requests made less than two weeks prior to an exam will be considered but cannot be guaranteed. Accommodations are not retroactive.  

    • (4b) The National Board of Medical Examiners has a separate NBME exam accommodations process. It is recommended students familiarize themselves with the USMLE Exam Accommodation Process: https://www.usmle.org/step-exams/test-accommodations

      1. (4b.1) The DGSOM Director of Disability Services can assist students in reviewing the USMLE Step Accommodation request process and support the development of a strong request. This includes reviewing required documentation, consulting with documenting providers, assisting with the development of the personal statement, and providing a supplemental letter of support. However, such requests should be made minimally 6-9 months in advance of the desired test date as the NBME requires 60-90 days to review and respond to requests. Requests for support made in less than 6-9 months will be considered, but not guaranteed. Minimally, all requests will receive a completed certification of prior test accommodations.