Assessment Philosophy

Research shows that self-regulated individuals achieve more, persist longer, report more satisfaction and enjoyment, and experience less stress and burnout than those who use fewer self regulated learning strategies. The HEALS curriculum and assessment system at DGSOM were specifically designed around the principles of the self-regulated learner to assess competency attainment  in affective, cognitive, and psychomotor domains. 

Guiding Principals

  1. Self Regulated Learning: The education and practice of physicians is self-regulated.  We teach fundamental skills to ensure proficiency at employing self regulated learning skills while earning and maintaining credentials and provide multiple opportunities to close knowledge gaps. 
  2. Competency-Based: Frequent low-stakes assessments are used to benchmark performance with time to make adjustments in strategies before summative assessment.  Feedback, coaching, and calibration of one's own performance assessment is utilized.
  3. Equity-Minded: Assessment for learning is practiced at DGSOM. Multiple sources of evidence are used to demonstrate that learning has occurred and to provide a final course grade. Continuous learning is expected as everyone has gaps to close.  We want to normalize error analysis and continuous incremental improvement.

Expectations of DGSOM Students

  • Professionalism
  • Active Engagement in Class and Timely Completion of Assignments and Assessments
  • Progressive Development of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes
  • Reflection on Data and Feedback to Adjust Learning Strategies
  • Utilization of DGSOM Resources to Close Knowledge, Skill, and Mindset Gaps