LA County & VA Affiliations

The Dean's Office manages annual funding from Veteran's Affairs of Greater Los Angeles and LA County affiliates at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, and LAC+USC Medical Center. These affiliation agreements include funding for housestaff and physician services.

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Guidance & Standard Operating Procedures

Click here to model the financial impact to your DGSOM department for the CIR-SEIU collective bargaining agreement, reimbursements from our affiliates at the VA and LA County, and cost sharing with the UCLA Health System. *Updated with FY24 data*

Financial Management

Veteran's Affairs

FY24 Daily Rate - VA funding is based on a daily rate that is calculated by the DGSOM GME Office and approved by OAA.

FY24 Housestaff FTE Budget - Funding is determined based on an annually reviewed number of FTEs approved by the VA Office of Academic Affiliations (OAA). Rotations exceeding the approved FTE cap will not be reimbursed and will be the responsibility of the DGSOM department to fund.

TIF Mapping Instructions - TIF expenses are not allowable on the VA fund and should be mapped to a discretionary DGSOM department FAU.

County of Los Angeles

FY21-FY23 LA County Housestaff Authority to Spend - Access directions on this short-term project that provides DGSOM departments with an authority to spend to cover LA County housestaff expenses from FY21 through FY23. Participating departments must have all direct retroes processed and approved by Wednesday, November 29 at 5pm.

FY24 Housestaff FTE Budget - The MSAA provides funding for approved DGSOM programs to rotate at County sites and will reimburse for coverage up to the approved FTE allocation.

UCPath Funding Entry Instructions - UCPath funding entries must be updated prior to the start of the fiscal year and include the new fiscal year fund number to avoid suspended payroll.

Requesting New County Funds - When adding or amending UCLA purchased physician services in the MSAA, Dean's Office Finance must be contacted prior to negotiations, assessment of costs, or initiation of services. Contact

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