Dean's Office Purchasing

Create a Purchase Request

All Dean's Office purchase and reimbursement requests must be submitted into the Procurement Portal to to initiate the purchasing and reimbursement process.

Include All Required Information

Non-food & entertainment orders above $5,000 will require that a quote from the vendor be submitted to the Procurement Portal before services are rendered. If a quote is not submitted, the order will be considered an unauthorized purchase. This will cause delays and your order will potentially be denied by Campus.

If Sole Source is required, the Sole Source Request Form must be included with the initial purchase request.

If IT Risk Assessment is required, the Risk Assessment Questionnaire must be completed and included with the initial purchase request. 

Be Aware of Timelines

Allow 5 business days for purchase requests under $5,000, 4 weeks for purchases over $5,000 but less than $500,000, and 12 weeks for purchases over $500,000.

Additional time up to 8 weeks should be considered if Sole Source or IT Risk Assessment is required: 

  • Sole Source - For purchases valued $100,000 or more where there is only one vendor capable of providing an item or service and competitive sourcing cannot be sought.
  • IT Risk Assessment - If transaction involves technology, including web applications, software subscriptions/licenses, mobile apps, website design/development, wearable technology, kiosks, and similar.

Select the How-To Guides Below for Frequent Purchase Types

You can order UCLA At Your Service (AYS) catering by completing an AYS Order Form and submitting it through the Procurement Portal. Access the AYS Order Form and our step-by-step how-to guide here.

There are two options for requesting Amazon purchases:

  1. Request Purchase through the Procurement Portal - See step-by-step instructions here. Once the order has been placed, expect 1-5 day shipping depending on the item and whether Prime 2-day shipping applies.
  2. Request Reimbursement - Place the order through your personal account and request reimbursement through the Procurement Portal. Reimbursement requests must include a business justification. If the purchase was for an event, include the event name and date.

UCLA business cards must be designed using our approved vendor, Castle Press, and submitted to the Procurement Portal. To start drafting your business cards, follow our business card how-to guide.

Complete the Entertainment Meals Worksheet when submitting food orders for third-party vendors (e.g. Café Med/Aramark, Fresh Corn Grill, TLT, etc.) into the Procurement Portal. This will help ensure that UCLA Corporate Financial Services has all the documentation they need to process your order without delay.

The process for purchasing gift cards will depend on whether the recipient is a UCLA employee:

  1. Employee Recognition Request Form for UCLA employees - Download and complete the Employee Recognition Request Form, and upload the completed form into the Procurement Portal .
  2. Gift Card Request Form for non-UCLA employees - Download and complete the Gift Card Request Form, and upload the completed form into the Procurement Portal .

You can request hardware & software purchases by contacting the Dean's Office IT Business Relationship Manager (BRM) to request a price quote. To get started, access our hardware & software purchase request how-to guide to contact your BRM and understand the steps to submitting your request.

Requirements for requesting honorarium will vary based on whether the recipient is a UCLA employee or non-employee.

  1. For UCLA Employees - Contact your department Human Resources office for payment request, including the recipient's name, UID, purpose of payment, criteria for selection, amount to be paid (gross or net of taxes), and FAU.
  2. For non-UCLA Employees - Follow our how-to guide on requesting honorarium payment to get started. Honorarium requests should be submitted to the Purchasing team at least 6 weeks in advance of the desired check disbursement date.

Log into the Office Depot business website using the UCLA browser username and password. Once you have selected your catalog items, submit your order request through the Procurement Portal. Find detailed instructions here, including Office Depot business website information.

There are 3 types of parking. Select the type of parking that applies to you to download a request form and how-to guide:

  1. Courtesy Parking - On event date, visitors pick up passes from the main kiosk
  2. Event Parking - On event date, visitors name the event to the parking attendant at the kiosk.
  3. Parking Recharge - Purchase Requestors pick up the parking passes at the Transportation Office and distribute to visitors prior to the event date.

The Dean, Vice Deans, or faculty with discretionary funding may contribute sponsorship to support an event, organization, or program. Requesting sponsorship requires the requestor to complete a Transmittal Letter, UCLA Sponsorship Form, and possibly obtain logo authorization and an attendees list. Follow our detailed instructions on how to submit a request for sponsorship.

Sponsorship requests should be submitted to the Purchasing team at least 4 weeks in advance of the desired payment date.

Student stipend requests must include student W-9 forms and be submitted to the Purchasing team at least 6 weeks in advance of the desired check disbursement date. You can find instructions on submitting student stipend requests using the student stipend request how-to guide.

See here for a detailed overview of the student stipend process.

Vaya Workforce Solutions is UCLA Health’s centralized vendor management system used to strategically source vendors, provide reporting and utilization analytics, and develop streamlined vendor management processes. To submit a request for temporary staffing, please complete this form and submit into our Procurement Portal for processing.

  1. If another staffing agency is required, please contact Mike Tran for additional assistance.