After-the-Fact Purchases                                      

Departments must comply with all UCOP and UCLA purchasing policies. Purchases for goods or services that are made outside of these policies require a formalized approval by the Senior Associate Dean and Business and Finance Solutions through the after-the-fact (ATF) process. Departments must provide a remediation plan as part of the documentation for the exception request.   


Step 1: Complete the Powerform

Please review the DO Policy and FAQ's to ensure you are answering all the questions accurately, and with the required information.  Include proper justification and a remediation plan with the submission. The link for the Powerform can be found below.  

Step 2: Approval Process

We highly recommend all individuals involved in the purchase be included in the ATF discussion to prevent recurrence.  Inaccurate and/or incomplete information on the ATF will result in a rejection of the ATF which restarts the approval and review process. 

The form will route via DocuSign to the requestor, the department CAO, DGSOM Controller, DGSOM Sr. Associate Dean, and UCLA's Chief Procurement Officer.  

Step 3: Processing Payment

Once the ATF form is complete, the requestor will receive the completed DocuSign form.  This form can then be attached to the BruinBuy requisition and AP will work with the Department to process vendor payment. 


The ATF process is an exception to policy, and will be fully vetted prior to approval.  Please allow a minimum of 60 days for processing. 


Please contact Maggie Griffin,, for questions regarding these topics.