Sponsorship Expenditure Approval

The DGSOM Controller's Office ensures sufficient business justification, documentation of benefits, and appropriate level of management approval of charitable contributions by the David Geffen School of Medicine.


What is a Sponsorship? 

DGSOM sponsorships support partnerships with outside organizations whose values and missions align with the DGSOM. These arrangements create marketing, networking opportunities, and build long-term relationships. 

Sponsorship Packet

All sponsorship requests over $10,000 are reviewed by the DGSOM Controller's Office and routed to authorized approver within the school. All sponsorship requests should include a complete sponsorship packet outlining the benefits of the request. Full requirements for sponsorship requests are outlined in the SOP linked below. 

Approval Process Lead Time

All sponsorship packets requiring approval by the DGSOM Controller's Office have an approval lead time of 30 days. 


Please contact Maggie Griffin, magriffin@mednet.ucla.edu; or Charles Lamoreaux, cglamoreaux@mednet.ucla.edu, for questions regarding these topics.