BruinBuy Plus - DGSOM Solutions                                  

DGSOM, in collaboration with Purchasing and Accounts Payable leadership have created new workflows to help DGSOM departments navigate the new system implementation of BruinBuy Plus. 

All UCLA purchases require a PO in place before goods and/or services are rendered. To expedite the process of requisition approval to established Purchase Orders, DGSOM has debuted a new "DGSOM LVO" Purchasing and Payment Form. Additionally, if a department is having issues with account holds, there is now a formalized process to escalate payment issues upwards within DGSOM. 


DGSOM LVO Short Form

The DGSOM Short Form allows DGSOM departments to streamline purchases by more efficiently converting requisitions into Purchase Orders. This new process has consolidated approvals and requires departments to understand the allowability of purchases. 

In order to help departments understand what can and cannot be purchased on the DGSOM Short Form, it is recommended to download and review the guidelines to ensure all UCLA purchasing policies are followed. 

Each user is responsible for understanding these guidelines; department leadership must adhere to UC Policy regarding timeliness of PAN reviews for all DGSOM purchases. 

DGSOM Expedited Invoice Payment

To help expedite account holds, DGSOM has launched a new process to allow an upward channel directly to Accounts Payable. Please submit all urgent expedited requests, with CFO sign-off directly via the Smartsheet Form. Note: This is not a replacement for AP's Rush Request, as the SR will be needed. 

The form will route via DocuSign to the requestor, the department CAO, DGSOM Controller, DGSOM Sr. Associate Dean, and UCLA's Chief Procurement Officer.  


Please contact Maggie Griffin,, for questions regarding these topics.