UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP)

The UCSHIP fee is billed each term along with other UCLA fees. The UCSHIP is a comprehensive major medical insurance plan, providing medical, prescription, counseling, vision, and dental services.

Students with UCSHIP are expected to seek all non-emergency care at the Ashe Center and they can be referred as needed to other network providers.  For more information on UCSHIP, visit the Student Health Insurance Plan website.

Waiving SHIP

Students that have comparable local health insurance are eligible to waive UCSHIP. If you are interested in waiving UCSHIP, be sure to first look at the Ashe Center Waiving UCSHIP information for step-by-step instructions. Once you have determined that you are eligible to waive UCSHIP, you can fill out the waiver online.


BruinCare is a program that gives students who have waived UCSHIP prepaid access to certain core services at the Ashe Center. By purchasing BruinCare, students get access to these services:

  • All Ashe Primary Care Provider and Specialist visits
  • Core Laboratory tests
  • Core X-rays not requiring specialized equipment

Please note: BruinCare is NOT a health insurance policy.

See below for additional information: