Digital and social media have profound effects on the way we communicate, and technology has become essential to the way we serve the needs of our patients and communities. DGSOM encourages the appropriate use of digital and social media as a means of increasing awareness of DGSOM activities, enhancing community relationships, advancing knowledge of education and research, and otherwise engaging in work-related communications. It is imperative that DGSOM Workforce members who participate and actively engage online understand their responsibilities when using these tools to communicate. This policy provides direction to DGSOM workforce members about creating, approving, and managing digital and social media accounts. This policy also outlines the DGSOM Marketing and Communications Office’s role in supporting the creation and use of digital and social media accounts that use the UCLA brand and logos. The provisions of this policy should not be construed to interfere with any rights protected under state, federal, or local law, including a workforce member’s right to discuss or engage in digital and social media activities relating to the terms and conditions of employment or raising good faith workplace concerns.

Related Policies

The following policies may also be applicable to a workforce member’s digital and social media activities:


This policy applies to all staff members, faculty, students, trainees and volunteers of the research and education enterprises at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. This policy includes digital and social media activities during work and non-work time, as well as activities conducted on work and non-work systems, consistent with applicable law.


For purposes of this policy, digital and social media are defined as any form of electronic communication through which the user creates online communications designed to share information, ideas, pictures, videos, personal messages and any other user-generated content.  Digital and social media include but are not limited to text, audio, video, images, podcasts, webpages and other multimedia content. This policy applies to all forms of social media and will continue to evolve as new digital technologies and social media sites emerge. 


DGSOM entities, faculty, staff, and students who have, or wish to have, a DGSOM-branded social media account or who plan to create one should inform the UCLA David Geffen IT (DGIT) Web Product Manager.

The DGIT web team can offer guidance and assistance to individuals and units who are using or considering using social media as a professional communications tool.

The DGSOM at UCLA recommends the following steps be taken prior to creation of a DGSOM-branded social media account:

  • Obtain approval from a supervisor, entity-executive leadership (i.e. department chair, division chief, manager, etc.).
  • Designate a content owner and back-up moderator who are responsible for monitoring and maintaining accurate content. The primary content owner should have at least 0.25 FTE dedicated to social media management.

Content Owners 

  • Content owners are responsible for maintaining compliance with DGSOM policies concerning patient privacy, HIPAA, and conflict of interest, DGSOM branding, and related policies
  • Content owners must obtain signed, HIPAA authorization forms before posting or sharing any protected health information (PHI). Content owners are prohibited from posting or sharing any PHI regardless of where it was first posted (i.e. external media site), without proper written authorization.
  • Content owners are responsible for ensuring content is current, accurate, and respects copyrights and disclosures. Proprietary financial, intellectual property, patient care, or similar sensitive or private content cannot be published.
  • Content owners are responsible for gaining the express consent of all involved parties for the right to distribute or publicize recordings, photos, images, video, text, slideshow presentations or artwork.
  • Content owners must actively monitor postings.
  • The department owner must have access and the ability to login to their account. DGIT must have administrative access and login information to all university “official” business-related social media accounts by way of administrative platforms of the social network or technology (such as LastPass) where applicable. Workforce members who maintain this information must make it available to the department owner or DGIT at the end of employment.
  • Develop a social media strategy. See UCLA’s social media guidelines site for guidance. 
  • Become familiar with campus and UCLA Health social media resources:

Content Suspension

DGSOM reserves the right to suspend the use of, or modify content on, DGSOM-sponsored digital and social media sites within University policy and applicable law.


DGSOM workforce members who are responsible for monitoring and updating sites must comply with policies and collective bargaining agreements regarding time reporting.

Digital and Social Media and Recruiting

DGSOM uses digital and social media to drive brand awareness and assist in talent acquisition efforts. The use of social media in the recruiting process is limited to, and should only be conducted by, Human Resources Planning and Talent Acquisition.

If workforce members have any questions about the policy’s expectations or individual responsibilities, please contact DGSOM Digital Marketing.

Email: DeansOfficeDigital@mednet.ucla.edu