Because of our reliance on technology in our curriculum and day-to-day communication, all medical students at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA are required to:

  1. Use the UCLA Mednet email account as their official email account for the School of Medicine for all official business with faculty and staff as it is secure, verifiable, and protects the transmission of sensitive information.

  2. Access your Mednet email account daily for timely communication. Communication from non-Mednet accounts (BOL, gmail, or other personal accounts) will not be accepted as they are not secure or verifiable.

Why the Mednet Email Account?

DGSOM medical students receive Mednet accounts as they start their first year. To be eligible to receive a Mednet account, accepted students must complete the Mednet Accounts for Entering Medical Students Secret Word Submission form on the Accepted Student Checklist. Information about new accounts will be emailed. These requirements are in addition to UCLA and University of California Policies regarding the use of email and other IT Policies.

Because you will be working with patients throughout your four years, it is important that all email communications that might contain patient information be secure. All emails between Mednet email users stay within the secure Mednet system. This is why you cannot forward your Mednet emails to any non-Mednet email systems.

Student access to Mednet accounts will be disabled upon graduation.