The Cardiovascular Research Theme is transforming cardiovascular health

The UCLA Cardiovascular Research Theme is a David Geffen School of Medicine initiative that aims to facilitate and integrate campus wide research in cardiovascular biology.

The theme encourages research across a broad platform of key cardiovascular issues including basic cardiovascular biology, clinical trials, big data, and understanding key issues regulating equity and disparity of cardiac health care. Faculty, staff, and trainees in the Cardiovascular Theme belong to diverse departments and schools (medicine, life sciences, engineering) and bring together unique expertise in building team science approaches to solving big questions in cardiac biology and cardiovascular medicine. Such team science approaches are being used to address fundamental questions regarding heart failure biology and cardiac regenerative medicine, arrhythmia biology and sudden death, genetics of cardiovascular diseases, congenital heart disease, atherosclerosis, vascular biology, and patient outcomes.

The Cardiovascular Theme has a foundation deeply rooted in the long and proud history of research excellence at UCLA. We encourage your feedback and inquiries as you get to know the Cardiovascular Theme and invite you to be a part of the UCLA mission to transform cardiovascular health.


Arjun Deb, MD

Arjun Deb, MD

Cardiovascular Theme Lead, Professor of Medicine and Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology

With amazing advances in genetics, stem cell biology, metabolism and imaging, we as cardiovascular scientists have an incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people affected by heart disease. The UCLA Cardiovascular Research Theme will catalyze and facilitate a team science approach in making such a difference.



Cardiovascular Research Theme Executive Committee

headshot of Dr. Tamer Sallam in a black suite

Tamer I. Sallam, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine & Physiology Vice Chair, Department of Medicine Co-Director UCLA Center for Lipid Management Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Cardiovascular Research Theme Scientific Seminar Series 

Rene R. Sevag Packard

Rene R.S. Packard, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor In-Residence, Medicine; Assistant Professor In-Residence, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Physiology

Cardiovascular Research Theme Scientific and Public Communication

Olujimi Ajijola, MD, PhD

Olujimi Ajijola, MD, PhD

Co-Director, Medical Scientist Training Program, Associate Professor of Medicine, UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center, Division of Cardiology Co-Director UCLA-Cal Tech MSTP Program

Cardiovascular Research Theme Scientific and Public Communication