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A Cultural North Star

Community of Kindred Spirits

Undergraduate Medical Education Muslim Student Affinity Group

Culture and Mission

Our people give our mission life and meaning.

A vibrant, supportive culture is essential to advancing our mission to heal humankind.

Our people give our mission life and meaning

We strive to provide an environment where connections thrive, where resources lead to innovation, and where every member of our community feels empowered to leverage their unique abilities to advance our shared goals.

We are a diverse and collaborative community of innovators, educators, healthcare providers, and life-long learners committed to creating world leaders.


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"We have the great opportunity at UCLA to work together in teams. Not just the faculty and researchers, but also trainees, staff and administrators. That allows us to accomplish so much."

Steve Dubinett, MD, Interim Dean, DGSOM

What is the DGSOM Cultural North Star?

Values that unite us

We believe that a strong organizational culture is critical to our ability to achieve our mission and vital to our well-being and cohesion as a community. The Cultural North Star helps us build and maintain an inclusive, mission-driven culture by mapping our decisions, actions, and interactions to a shared framework.

Make Things Better


Helena Hansen, MD, PhD, Keith C. Norris, MD, PhD, and Peter Tontonoz, MD, PhD, have been elected to the National Academy of Medicine.

Do What’s Right


Mitigating racism in academic medicine through the Anti-Racism in Medical Education Project.

Be Kind


Our community lives the Cultural North Star by healing through kindness in both big and small ways.

Los Angeles

An Inspiring City

Our culture is deeply connected to our diverse home city of Los Angeles, where anything is possible.

Life in L.A.