What Does An Allergist Do Common Food Allergens On Plate

Purpose: This is a nutritional study that examines the effect of diet on Long‐COVID symptoms.

You may qualify if you meet the following criteria:

  • 50‐80 years old
  • Diagnosed with Long‐COVID
  • Experience symptoms of “brain fog”, fatigue or mood problems
  • Have visual and auditory capacity to allow neuropsychological testing

Procedures and Compensation:

  • 12-week study ‐ 3 in‐person visits and 2 video visits
  • You will be given a snack per day  to eat with your usual diet 
  •  In the beginning and end tests to evaluate your cognition, fatigue, and mood and blood and urine collection 
  • Up to $200 compensation

Interested? Please email uclanutrition@gmail.com.