Our Vision

To create Equity-Centered Patient Care models, in concert with research that centers social sciences, humanities, and community collaboration. Existing biomedical care systems do not address social determinants of health. In many cases, they construct structural barriers to health. HETSS exists to transform healthcare knowledge and practice.


Now is the time to shift to a sociomedical paradigm. Here's how we'll get there:


Establish social sciences and humanities as essential to the study of health equity, and make equity a focus for all health research at UCLA, across the landscape. 


Build an engaged community of social scientists, humanities scholars, clinicians, and community partners to produce knowledge about the mechanisms of health equity.


Develop evidence for Equity-Centered Patient Care Models, leveraging the social sciences and community lived experiences to address the social/structural determinants of health. 

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Helena Hansen, MD, PhD

American medicine spends the most per capita of any nation but has the worst health outcomes in the industrialized world. We can change that by investing in sociomedical sciences.

Helena Hansen, MD, PhD - HETSS Co-Founder