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Dr. Gupta, PhD, and Dr. Naliboff, PhD, are partnering with Yamaha Motor Corporation to conduct a study to identify the benefits of using the YEX immersive room. The Yamaha YEX Intervention immersive room offers individuals tools to destress and refocus. The main purpose of this study is to test for improvements in mental well-being and changes in biological markers following regular use of YEX immersion. The results of this study will help develop innovative, easy to implement, and effective interventions for those who live in stressful environments.

You may be eligible if you are:

  • Ages 18-55
  • Male or Female
  • Not Pregnant or Nursing
  • Moderate to High Level of Stress   

Study participation consists of:

  • 6 Weeks of YEX Immersive Room
  • Three (3) in-Clinic Appointments
  • Three (3) Stool Samples
  • Three (3) 3-Day Diet Diaries
  • Cognitive Stress Testing
  • Brain MRI Scans
  • Online Questionnaires
  • Blood Samples


  • Earn up to $215
  • Free parking provided   

For more information email the study team:
Protocol ID:IRB#23-001726