Faculty members with an asterisk next to their names are receiving new students in their laboratories for the 2022-2023 academic year. Information about which faculty members have completed an optional UCLA mentor training or training as Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellow mentors is provided on the Graduate Programs in Bioscience faculty page.

Core Faculty
Valerie Arboleda
Valerie Arboleda, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Daniel Benjamin
Daniel Benjamin, PhD
Paul Boutros, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Paul Boutros, PhD, MBA
Interim Vice Dean for Research, David Geffen School of Medicine, Professor
Eleazar Eskin
Eleazar Eskin, PhD
Chair, Computational Medicine, Professor
Brent Fogel
Brent Fogel, MD, PhD
Nelson Freimer
Nelson Freimer, MD
Michael Gandal
Michael Gandal, MD, PhD
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Nandita Garud
Nandita Garud, PhD
Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and Human Genetics
Daniel Geschwind, MD, PhD
Daniel Geschwind, MD, PhD
Senior Associate Dean and Associate Vice Chancellor for Precision Medicine & Professor-in-Residence
Michael Gorin
Michael Gorin, MD, PhD
Wayne Grody
Wayne Grody, MD, PhD
Deborah Krakow
Deborah Krakow, MD
Chair, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Professor
Leonid Kruglyak - Human Genetics
Leonid Kruglyak, PhD
Chair, Human Genetics, Professor
Jingyi Jessica Li
Jingyi Jessica Li, PhD
Associate Professor, Statistics and Human Genetics
Kirk Lohmueller
Kirk Lohmueller, PhD
Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Human Genetics
Chongyuan Luo
Chongyuan Luo, PhD
Assistant Professor
Jake Lusis
Jake Lusis, PhD
Julian Martinez
Julian Martinez, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Stanley Nelson
Stanley Nelson, MD
Loes Olde Loohuis
Loes Olde Loohuis, PhD
Assistant Professor-in-Residence
Roel Ophoff
Roel Ophoff, PhD
Professor, Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences, and Human Genetics
Paivi Pajukanta
Paivi Pajukanta, MD, PhD
Professor, Genetics and Genomics Home Area Director
Christina Palmer
Christina Palmer, MS, PhD, CGC
Professor-in-Residence, MS in Genetic Counseling Program Director
Jeanette Papp
Jeanette Papp, PhD
Adjunct Professor
Bogdan Pasaniuc
Bogdan Pasaniuc, PhD
Associate Professor, Pathology and Human Genetics.
Matteo Pellegrini
Matteo Pellegrini, PhD
Harold Pimentel
Harold Pimentel, PhD
Assistant Professor, Computational Medicine and Human Genetics
Joseph Pisegna
Joseph Pisegna, MD
Karen Reue, PhD
Karen Reue, PhD
Sriram Sankararaman
Sriram Sankararaman, PhD
Associate Professor
Eric Sobel
Eric Sobel, PhD
Adjunct Professor
Debora Sobreira
Debora Rodrigues Sobreira, PhD
Assistant Professor
Marc Suchard
Marc Suchard, MD, PhD
Michael Wells
Michael Wells, PhD
Assistant Professor
Yi Yin
Yi Yin, PhD
Assistant Professor
Stephen Young
Stephen Young, MD
Noah Zaitlen
Noah A Zaitlen, PhD
Associate Professor