Food “grocery” shopping in the U.S. can become quite overwhelming; the image of the stereotypical American grocery store with the seemingly endless aisles and an overabundance of choice often holds true. There can be many options such as large corporate grocery stores, organic and specialty food stores, discount grocery stores, farmer’s market, “home-away-from home stores”.

Discount Cards

Make sure you sign up for discount cards at grocery stores – you will save quite a bit of money! But be careful because sometimes it’s not just a discount card, it’s a credit card so make sure you know what you’re signing up for. For example, Ralphs, Albertsons and CVS all have discount cards, while Target has both a store-specific debit and credit card. If it asks for a Social Security Number on the applications, it’s a credit card.


  • Look for coupons in the local Sunday paper to help save some money!
  • You'll need to provide photo ID when you purchase alcohol.
  • If you drive to the store make sure you validate your parking ticket (if applicable).