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UCLA Graduate Programs in Bioscience is a consortium of 10 home areas and their affiliated PhD programs, organized to provide the best possible research training and professional development for graduate students pursuing PhDs in the life and biomedical sciences. 

Additionally, the Office of Bioscience Postdoctoral Affairs serves postdoctoral scholars in the David Geffen School of Medicine and biosciences-affiliated disciplines throughout UCLA - providing resources and training for bioscientists across many professional areas.

Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Researcher Funding

This page provides links to UCLA funding, external funding, and grant writing resources and supports for predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees at UCLA.

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PhD & Postdoctoral T32 Programs

Training Grants are funds awarded to an institution to train a cohort of researchers in a targeted research disciplinary area.

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UCLA Internal Funding Opportunities

Find funding opportunities from across the UCLA and UCLA Health Sciences ecosystem.

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External Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Research Funding

External funding opportunities and databases for pre and postdoctoral research trainees.

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NIH Grants and Funding

Including a database for NIH biomedical research funding opportunities and grants.

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Professional Development Resources for Biomedical and Life Sciences Postdocs

This page provides resources for the career planning, career development, and professional development needs of UCLA postdocs and PhD students.

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Career Coaching and Counseling

Residents and fellows interested in a career as a physician-scientist are encouraged to contact DGSOM’s Office of Physician-Scientist Career Development to schedule a 30-min counseling call to discuss their career plans and explore various options available to them. For office hours and appointments, please contact the Physician-Scientist Program.

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Program coordinators for the Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award program

“Nothing can prepare future leaders for every challenge they’ll face while exploring the dynamic relationship between science, nature, and human health. We strive to instill in our research trainees and physician-scientists the kind of thirst for perpetual learning that will take them further in their careers than any one skill or degree.”

Lynn Talton, PhD, Director of Bioscience Postdoc Affairs (second from left)