Grey Matters - The Lifetime of a Memory - Medical School photo

We are looking for participants for our clinical nutrition study on the benefits of walnut on memory in people who have long COVID symptoms.
   Inclusion criteria:

  •    50-80 years old 
  •    Diagnosed with COVID 
  •    Experience symptoms of “brain fog”, fatigue or mood problems 
  •    Have visual and auditory capacity to allow neuropsychological testing 

   In this study, participants will get:

  •    Free neuropsychological evaluation
  •    Free dietary consultant
  •    Up to $200 compensation

 Participation for the study includes:

  • 3 visits to our Center (1-2.5 hr) & 2 video calls (1hr) for cognitive health within 3 months
  • You may be given a snack per day to eat with your usual diet
  • Blood and urine collection   

To learn more about our study, email for any further information.