Man sleeping

Investigators at UCLA, including Dr. Emily Ricketts, are recruiting up to 25 adults aged 18 to 50 years with Tourette’s disorder and co-occurring insomnia for a study piloting forehead temperature-regulating therapy. This study evaluates the preliminary effects of forehead temperature-regulating therapy on sleep, depression, anxiety, daytime sleepiness, and tic severity.
Participation involves:

  • An initial eligibility evaluation involving interviews and questionnaires
  • 5 weeks of continuous sleep monitoring with a sleep watch and sleep diary
  • 4 weeks of nightly in-home forehead temperature-regulating therapy during sleep
  • Pre- and post-treatment interviews, questionnaires, and computer tasks
  • Parking vouchers at each visit and up to $250 cash payment upon study completion

If you are interested in being screened for this study, please email Maya Tooker at

Screening will take place by phone.