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Dr. James McCracken and colleagues from the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior are conducting a research study on mobile apps and ADHD. This is a 7-week study investigating the effects of cognitive training with mobile apps on cognitive control in adults diagnosed with ADHD.

Participation will include:

  • 4 study visits over 7 weeks (approximately 1-2 hours each)
  • Visits include a combination of remote and in-person to UCLA
  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and cognitive testing.
  • Mobile app: The mobile app training will include 15 minutes per/day for 5days/per week for a total of 7 weeks.
  • Pre and post evaluations and questionnaires, as well as mid-point assessments
  • Eligible participants will receive a total compensation up to $625, if all visits are completed. Otherwise, you will receive compensation for each visit completed. Participation is entirely voluntary. If you are interested in participating, please use theinformation below to email or call us:
  • Phone: 310-421-8772
  • Email: ADHDStudyUCLAHealth@gmail.com