Capital Equipment                

The DGSOM is subject to UC policies and UCLA guidelines that are intended to ensure proper protection of and accounting for property of value greater than the capitalization threshold and owned by or in the custody of The Regents. The DGSOM Controller's Office is responsible for establishing local policies and procedures within the school to ensure compliance with these policies and proper safeguarding of local assets.



UC Policies BUS-29 Management and Control of University Equipment and BUS-38 Disposition of Excess Property and Transfer of University-Owned Property govern the procurement, management, and disposal of capital assets within the DGSOM. These policies are set forth as a minimum standard for equipment management, departments should establish local polices and procedures further defining equipment management which allow for more efficient reporting and annual certification of equipment inventory.

Dean's Office Equipment Management

All Dean's Office owned equipment is managed by the Dean's Office Finance team. Inquiries regarding Dean's Office owned equipment should be directed to the AskDOFinance Portal which is included in the links provided below.


Please contact Charles Lamoreaux,, for questions regarding these topics.