Sponsored Research Compliance                       

The DGSOM consistently receives over 65% of the $1.7 Billion awarded to UCLA annually for sponsored research projects. The DGSOM Controller's Office partners with UCLA Extramural Fund Management (EFM) to ensure compliance of sponsored project funds for the DGSOM research community.


Expired Funds Closeout

The DGSOM Controller's Office serves as liaison between departments and EFM as part of the Expired Funds Closeout Project. We coordinate support to improve processes regarding timely closure of expired funds and financial deliverables by our departments within the DGSOM. A joint effort between the DGSOM Controller's Office and Extramural Fund Management (EFM) created the Expedited Funds Closeout Process for funds that have fund end dates from fiscal year 2021 and prior.

  • Smartsheet Access - The Smartsheet is a communication tool used between the DGSOM Controller's Office, DGSOM Departments, and EFM. The Smartsheet contains information on expired funds that are eligible for the expedited process and provides tracking and reporting of progress for this project.  DGSOM Controller's Office provides access when requested.  

  • Expired Funds Dashboard - A compliance dashboard is published each month with information regarding expired funds.  This dashboard details expired funds for each DGSOM department, the risk category assigned to each fund, as well as a tracking of our expedited funds project.  Access to this dashboard is available only to CAOs and CFOs. Please request access by emailing the contact listed below.

  • Finance Manager Meeting Presentations - The DGSOM Controller's Office presents an update at the Monthly Finance Manager Meeting regarding expired funds.  Statistics for the prior month are shared, along with upcoming deadlines for fund closure and any other relevant information.


Training & Resources

EFM Provides training twice a year for RAPID Closeout Tool, Effort Reporting, and Post Award Administration.  


Please contact Pamela Hanson, PHanson@mednet.ucla.edu, for questions regarding these topics.