DGSOM Cashiering                                          

The DGSOM Controller's Office provides a centralized and standardized process and procedures for DGSOM departments to make deposits to the Medical Compensation Plan and Sales & Service funds. This process ensures accuracy and timeliness of cash deposits as well as proper reporting. The DGSOM Controller's Office acts as the liaison between DGSOM departments and Hospital Cashiers, reviews and restricts CASHNet user access, and approves any exception requests. The information below provides details on the process. 



Hospital Cashier - FAU Reference Guide

Each department owns their FAU reference guide and are responsible for updating and maintaining accurate information for deposits.  If your department needs further access, please request access via the Access Request Link below. 


BUS-49: Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalents Received defines the roles and responsibilities related to the receipt, safeguarding, reporting, and record keeping of Cash and Cash equivalents. 
UCLA Policy 360: Internal Control Guidelines for Campus Departments mandates the establishment and implementation of adequate internal controls, including proper segregation of duties, to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of operation and the safeguarding of assets against loss and unauthorized use or disposition. 
UCLA Policy 361: Cash Handling Safety and Security requires safe and secure handling and transporting of cash and cash-equivalent assets by authorized individuals and units.


Please contact Dean's Office Compliance, DeansOfficeCompliance@mednet.ucla.edu, for questions regarding these topics.