Financial Accounting Procedures     

DGSOM is a large and complex school, particularly as it relates to funding sources. In addition to state funding, it has many other sources of revenue including, but not limited to: clinical; grants and contracts; and gifts and endowments. Frequently, resources and goods, and services are provided between departments and fund groups in DGSOM. The school also transacts regularly with the UCLA Medical Center (also referred to as the Hospital System) and the Faculty Practice Group (FPG).

Such transactions are, in many ways, unique to DGSOM. While the guidance does exist in the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) policy, additional guidance is required for DGSOM. The goal of these guidelines is to provide for a consistent recording and reporting of expenditures and adjustments.

Questions about Financial Accounting Procedures? Select one of the areas below or email Edgar Cisneros at and Bujin Dorj at

19900 Funds

The DGSOM Controller's team assists with the allocation and processing of state (19900) funds. Please contact Annie Hwang at and Bujin Dorj at with questions about this process.

Fiscal Year End

DGSOM Controller's team has prepared a Fiscal Year-End information session to assist with fiscal year closeout procedures. A video recording of the FY21 closeout and presentation materials are available below.

Fiscal-Year End Presentation Materials

Questions about Fiscal Year-End Close? Please email Edgar Cisneros at and Bujin Dorj at