Financial Reporting 

DGSOM Controller Policies

1.02 | Compliance with Statement of Auditing Standard 115 - Satellite Cashiering

This policy establishes cash and cash equivalent handling procedures for the David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM) to maintain compliance with the requirements outlined in University of California (UC) Business and Finance Bulletin (BFB) BUS-49 and UCLA Policies 360 and 361. 

1.03 | Information Technology System Access For separated and Transferred Employees

This policy establishes a timeline and outlines the process required for removing IT system access for separated and transferred employees in the DGSOM.

1.05 | IT System Access – Segregation of Duties

These guidelines establish a consistent approach to enforcing and monitoring Segregation of Duties requirements in compliance with UCLA Policy 360.

Related UCOP & UCLA Policies

UC BFB BUS-43, Material Management

BUS-43 establishes procurement procedures based upon “fair, ethical, and professional business practices” and prohibits the use of University credit purchasing power for individuals or for non-University activities “except where a University program has been approved by a University Administrator with delegated authority with advice as appropriate from the Office of General Counsel or his designee for legal compliance.”

Financial Accounting Procedures

DGSOM Controller Policies

2.01 I Expenditure Transaction and Adjustment Guidelines 

The goal of these guidelines is to provide for a consistent recording and reporting of expenditures and adjustments using generally-accepted public higher-education industry accounting principles.

2.02 | Clinical Operations – Financial Accounting and Reporting Guidelines

This policy outlines how DGSOM will use specific funds in its Medical Compensation Plan Fund Group to facilitate the implementation of an income statement for its clinical operations.

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UC BFB BUS-49, Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalents Received

BUS-49 establishes the University’s policies related to handling and processing cash and cash equivalents, and defines roles and responsibilities related to receipt, safeguarding, reporting and recordkeeping for all University cash and cash equivalents.

Purchasing and Payments

DGSOM Controller Policies

3.01 | Travel and Entertainment Policy – Approval Procedures for Department Chair & CAO Reimbursement Requests in Express

Outlines specific procedures for DGSOM Department Chair and CAO travel and entertainment reimbursement request approvals to provide a consistent approach across all departments. 

3.02 | Sponsorship Approval Procedures

Establishes the responsibilities of DGSOM departments sponsoring events of outside nonprofits and the appropriate level of management approval based on the sponsorship amount. 

3.03 | Medical Resident Fringe Benefits Processing and Taxability

These guidelines establish a consistent approach for the processing and tax treatment of fringe benefits provided by the UCLA - Medical Resident Local Bargaining Agreement(LBA) as required by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations.

3.04 | After-the-Fact Purchase Request Procedures

These guidelines detail the process for requesting approval of purchase orders for goods that have been received or services that have already commenced, commonly known as an After-the-Fact PO, in the David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM).

3.05 | Approval Procedures for Policy Exceptions

These procedures should be followed in the DGSOM when submitting certain travel and entertainment exceptions for approval, and identifying the appropriate delegated approvers.

Related UCOP & UCLA Policies

UCOP BFB BUS-79, Expenditures for Business Meetings, Entertainment, and Other Occasions

BUS-79 governs the appropriate use of University funds for business meetings, entertainment functions, and other occasions when meals and/or light refreshments are served. 

UCOP BFB G-28, Travel Regulations

This policy outlines limitations and requirements for the reimbursement of travel, lodging, meals and incidental expenses incurred during official University travel by University staff, academic employees, and students.

UCOP BFB G-41, Employee Non-Cash Awards and Other Gifts

This policy outlines the restrictions and limitations for non-cash awards and gifts to employees under IRS regulations.

UCOP BFB G-42, Gifts Presented to Non-Employees on Behalf of the University

This policy outlines the restrictions and limitations for non-cash awards and gifts to students, non-employees, and outside organizations.

Compliance Procedures

DGSOM Controller Policies

4.01 | Sales and Service Activities – Establishment and Rate Revision Procedures

Outlines standard procedures developed for the DGSOM's departments to follow when submitting budget and rate applications for new or existing SSAs.

4.02 | Sales and Service Activities – External Service Agreement Submission Procedures

These procedures set forth the requirements for DGSOM departments entering into fee-for-service agreements with external clients.

Related UCOP & UCLA Policies

UCLA Policy 340: Sales and Service Activities

This Policy defines Sales and Service Activities and sets forth the procedures for the establishment, operation, review, administration, and closure of Sales and Service Activities, as well as, the process to develop, request, and implement the appropriate rates for these activities.


DGSOM Procedures

5.01 | Employee Time Attendance and Leave Reporting: Recording & Approving Timesheets and HBS System Maintenance

This policy outlines the requirements for employees, defined as any paid nonacademic staff members employed at David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM), to accurately and promptly record their time worked and any leave used on their timesheets.