JEDI Committee of the Department of Human Genetics

Mission Statement for Justice, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (JEDI)

Our mission is to lead the collective growth of the UCLA Human Genetics community towards becoming a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment. We will focus our efforts on specific target areas that aim to: (1) dismantle barriers to access and success that often restrict underrepresented and marginalized groups; (2) support the mental health and professional development of individuals from these groups; (3) challenge and re-structure policies that unintentionally build inequity into our systems; (4) educate our research community on issues relevant to our JEDI mission; and (5) partner with our local communities on science education initiatives to meet the needs of our Los Angeles neighbors. Throughout our endeavors, we will set clear objectives and assess outcomes to measure shared progress towards improving our culture and climate.

Science in the field of Human Genetics must acknowledge its racist legacy and counter the weaponization of genetics research by white supremacists

This editorial published in the journal Nature (June 2022) provides an excellent summary of how traditional science – particularly at the dawn of the field of Human Genetics – has advanced racist ideas.

Another editorial, also published in Nature (October 2022), describes how white supremacist groups are misusing scientific findings in an attempt to justify their racist ideology, and calls on geneticists to counter the weaponization of their research by rethinking the way they conduct their research and communicate their results.

A large study Nature (November 2023) finds significant pay gaps for disabled scientists.

Committee Members

Human Genetics JEDI Committee members are drawn from every stakeholder group in the department, and include the Human Genetics Vice Chairs for JEDI, junior faculty, researchers, postdocs,  members of the Clinical Division, and students in the Genetics & Genomics and Genetic Counseling programs. The committee meets monthly and as needed, with agendas available for public view. The Vice Chairs of JEDI attend the weekly Human Genetics Leadership meetings and the monthly meetings of the David Geffen School of Medicine (DGSOM) Department JEDI Leaders Committee, where they can bring the concerns and recommendations of the committee to the campus leadership.

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Jerome Keh

Academic Personnel and Staff Human Resources Coordinator

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