Notice to Department Coordinators prior to completing DS-2019 Request Form

  • The minimum educational level required is a master's degree or bachelor's degree with substantial experience in their respective specialty field.
  • A fully or predominantly virtual program is not permitted.
  • If the visitor had been in a previous J program (except in a Research Scholar or Professor Category) which lasted for more than 6 months and seeks to begin a new program, on J-1 Research Scholar or Professor category, there must be a 12-month gap between the end date of the previous J program and the starting date of the new program before they can be eligible to enter the US to start the new program.
  • If the visitor had completed a previous J program in the U.S. as a Professor or Research Scholar, they are subject to a 24-months bar (gap) to start a new J-1 program as a Professor or Research Scholar.
  • If the visitor has applied for an H class visa or U.S. Permanent Resident status (‘green card’) they are NOT eligible to apply for a DS-2019 form for J visa status.
  • If the visitor had applied for and received a Waiver of the Two-Year Home Residence Requirement from the State Department or USCIS, they are NOT eligible to extend their current DS-2019 form.
  • If the position is tenure track, visitor is not eligible for J-1 status. Cannot be a candidate for a tenure track position.
  • Visitor's primary site of activity must be UCLA, unless visitor is conducting activity at an off-campus institution as part of a collaborative project with UCLA and is maintaining their UCLA appointment. There must be a written agreement between UCLA and the other institution in relation to the visitor's activity. If the visitor is only working remotely from a residence and will not be present at UCLA, they are NOT eligible to apply for a DS-2019 form for J visa status.